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At Justbrickwork, we provide a range of different brickwork and pointing services to cover every aspect and style of repointing and match pointing. Please feel free to contact me regarding any queries or questions you may have



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We cover all aspects of residential / commercial brickwork and pointing

Below is a brief description of the three most common types of brick pointing:

Concave or Bucket Handle Pointing:

Concave pointing or more commonly known as “”bucket handle” is probably the most commonly used in the UK today and is created with a Jointing Iron,


Weather Struck jointing is a less common technique used today, mainly due to the fact that it is time consuming to achieve and requires a lot of experience the get the required results. When done correctly it will give a lovely aesthetically pleasing look to the wall. A few tools and a lot of patience is required, but will give a great resistance to adverse weather.

Recessed or Raked:

Raked pointing is more about looks than actual benefits to the wall in a structural sense. Great emphasise should be given when laying the bricks to full joints, this is needed when raking out the joint with a wheeled raker, so that you do not spend a lot of time filling back in the joints with bits of mortar. With the edge of the brick exposed, consideration should be given when using this method as it will allow water to sit on your brickwork, which will in some areas expose your brickwork to potential frost damage.